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REVIEW: Lauren Kate's FALLEN

Fallen begins when 17-year-old Luce is sent to a very formidable reform school (Sword & Cross) in Savannah, Georgia after her boyfriend is killed under suspicious circumstances.  She doesn’t even remember what happened, so how does she know she’s not responsible?  Feeling guilty about the strangest thing that’s ever happened to her and being at a creepy, dark, old, church-turned-boarding school is hard for Luce to adjust too.  Especially since they confiscated her cell phone when she arrived.  How is she supposed to live without talking to her BFF Callie!? 

Luce answers this question for us as she begins to make friends at Sword & Cross, first with Arriane and Penn.  Then there is Daniel.  The boy that she can’t keep off her mind.  The one that seems to loathe her.  The one she dreams about at night.  The one that avoids her.  The one that she thinks about when she shouldn’t, like when she’s with Cam, the cutie patootie who has taken an interest in her. 

Daniel doesn’t seem to give Luce a second though when he sees her, except to answer her stares by giving her the finger.  Eventually she finds him staring back, though he never says anything.  He seems to be dating another girl, Gabbe, and completely uninterested in Luce, but he’s always there every time something goes wrong, or every time Cam is around…

Unwillingly, Luce learns that she has been through this before, many times, but in different centuries.  She finds out that the connection she feels with Daniel isn’t new, she’s just never gotten to experience this much of it before, which changes everything.  Luce’s past and all the secrets about her past lives begin to unfurl when she finds out that Daniel is a fallen angel, damned to fall in love with the same girl every 17 years and then watch her die.  Now that she knows the truth, well, parts of it, the ancient war of Heaven has started again.    

My favorite character so far in the series is Luce, because I feel like, even though her dilemmas are so superlative and bizarre, her trials represent the process we all have to go through to discover ourselves.  We all walk through this world learning a little bit more about ourselves through our experiences and our decisions.  I am also drawn to her name, because of the ethereal nature of the story; I find it interesting that Luce’s name is the shortened, female version of Lucifer, the ultimate fallen angel.  I’m curious what this will mean in the sequel and the role it will play in the series.  I know it’s gonna be important J

I really enjoyed Fallen.  It started a little slow, but is only the first in the series, so I understand that part.  But left me with so many questions!  I know they’ll be answered in the books to come, but I wanna know now!!!  Sometimes I did get lost because I wasn't able to keep track of who was who or remember how and why they were in the scene to begin with.  Lauren Kate really is a promising author though.  Fallen is dark, but once Daniel comes onto the scene, you’re captivated, because you already know he is a freaking angel, fallen or not! Haha!  I do like that teh reader is discovering Luce's story just as she is, so you're really able to understand her disconnect.  I am loving the fictions about Angels right now and I am SO curious why Luce is still alive and what else her history will bring to light about the war of Heaven.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mythology or angels.  If you like Cassandra Clare, you’ll probably like this too, since the next book in the series, Torment, deals with Nephilim.  

My Rating for Fallen:

For more about Lauren Kate, head over to Novel Notice (or just click the link ;) for an exclusive interview.  Novel Notice is a great blog with tons of extras and interviews from so many authors.  They're great and if you don't follow them already, you should!

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  1. You made me want to read this so much! I mean, push it to the top of my tbr.

    I've never really heard much about this novel (I like to stay uninformed so my own reviews won't be affected if/when I get a chance to read them), so I must say that your review really intrigued me. I didn't read any of the dialogue, but it's even got ME wondering what's going to happen! Books that make me actively question the plot (The Maze Runner is coming up real strong xD) are astounding for the pull they have on the reader -- I love these types of novels the best. <3

    (oh btw, you get brownie points for saying "cutie-pa-tootie" in the post! xD)

    Congratulations on all of the followers! That's awesome! :D

  2. I've just read this and I'm afraid I didn't like it at all but then again maybe I just wasn't in the mood for what I felt was a very slushy romance. Oh well, I guess we can't all like the same books, I think we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

  3. Glad you liked it - great review. Will you be picking up TORMENT any time soon?
    Teens Read and Write

  4. Like this blog. Yopu have interesting reviews that makes me want to purchase those books right away. Keep up the good work.


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